Philip Ryan:
The Thought Reader. 

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"Very Creative" - Banachek, Executive Producer @ Criss Angel The Supernaturalists.  

"HOW!?"- Don M. CEO of Sanjel Corporation.

"Are you psychic?!"- Gordie Graham, Owner of Telegraph Cove Resorts.

Mind Reader : Illusionist.    Corporate Events - Weddings - Private Parties.

 Philip Ryan is internationally renowned for producing magic illusion's for entertainer's all over the world. His passion for the mysterious was sparked during his primary year's. It was his very own intuition that led him to the art of magic. Through extensive self studies over the past fifteen years in psychology, ESP, intuition, and human behaviour, Philip was able to develop the foundation of his skill's today. Philip's live show "Intuitive Behaviour" is a high-energy,  interactive mind reading presentation that involves body language, hypnosis, human behaviour, and visual magic that will make you question reality. After 15 minutes of meeting him you WILL believe in psychic abilities. Guaranteed.

Location - Victoria & Vancouver. 

British Columbia, Canada.